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BACtrack Select S30 Alcohol Breathalyzer


BACtrack Select S30 Alcohol Breathalyzer
(1 breathalyzer, 2 AAA batteries, 2 mouthpieces 1 adaptor)
The BACtrack Select S30 Alcohol Breathalyzer (.00%-.40%) is an extremely portable entry-level screening device. Three digit readout on LCD display. For consumers and personal use. Includes 2 AAA batteries, 2 mouthpieces, 1 mouthpiece adapter and instructional manual. (FDA 510K#: K083801)



User Manual


The BACtrack Select Breathalyzer S-30 Alcohol Breathalyzer (.00%-.40%) is an easy to use device that tests the blood alcohol content and delivers a quick and accurate result. With the versatile breath intake area, users can use the BACtrack with or without the replaceable, hygienic mouthpieces that are included. The simple to read, 3 digit display provides users with easy to read test results and alerts, while the compact size allows users to keep this breathalyzer in their pocket or purse. With the one button operation, users can simply turn the device on and begin testing within seconds. Keep yourself, your friends and loved ones safe.


  • Simple to use breath intake area
  • Versatile design allows for quick use with or without mouthpiece
  • 3 digit multifunction display
  • Easy to read test results and alerts
  • One button operation
  • Pocket size compact design

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty on labor and parts
Return policy: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable.

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