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First Sign Single-Panel Benzodiazepines Drug Test


First Sign Single-Panel Benzodiazepines Drug Test
(25 tests)
First SignTM One-step Drug of Abuse 1-Panel Urine Drug Test Stick for the detection of Benzodiazepines (BZO) in urine. Read results in 5-minutes. FDA Cleared for Professional Use Only! Great for employee, student and criminal drug testing environments. FDA-CLEARED FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY AND CLASSIFIED AS MODERATELY COMPLEX!



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The First Sign one-step drug of abuse test is a one-step membrane immuno-chromatographic test based on antigen/antibody complexation and is used for the analysis of abused drug and its metabolites presence in the test sample. The assay is based on the competition between the drug or drug metabolite in the sample and a drug conjugate immobilized on a porous membrane support for limited antibody sites on the colored microspheres.

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