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BREATHSCAN .08 Alcohol Breath Testing


BREATHSCAN .08 Alcohol Breath Testing
(10 Tests)
The BreathScan detector, a disposable breath alcohol indicator designed for one time use, provides an accurate measure of the alcohol present in the exhaled breath of the test subject. FDA Cleared. (FDA 510K#: K060761)





Quick, Accurate & Affordable  Breath Alcohol test      

  • Disposable
  • On The Spot
  • Used By Law Enforcement
  • Save On Bulk Purchases

BreathScanŽ (FDA Cleared and CLIAwaived)  is a disposable single use breath alcohol detector that provides accurate and reliable measurement of breath alcohol contents. Its low cost and ease of use make the BreathScanŽ testers ideal screening tools which qualifies an individual for submission to a forensic-quality evidential testing.

By measuring the alcohol content in the breath, a reliable indication of the blood alcohol level is achieved. The BreathScan detector employs a new, patented technology for simple, on-the-spot screening for the presence of blood alcohol. The BreathScan tester can be used once and then disposed of, minimizing contamination associated with repeated use of non-disposable units (no AIDS cross transmission). Its low cost and ease of use make the BreathScan tester ideal for screening to determine whether an individual should submit to a forensic-quality blood test for confirmation. Numerous independent laboratory tests have established the reliability of the BreathScan tester. Without exception, they have found the BreathScan tester to have a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Examples of those who conducted tests on BreathScan include - The U.S. Department of Transportation - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA) -The Colorado Department of Health -The Denver Police Department. 

How to read the color changes
The crystals in the .02% tester will become an aqua(bluish green/greenish blue) color at an alcohol level of .02% or greater. The .02% tester is designed to report the lowest level of alcohol, and therefore does not report intermediate levels.



Here's how to use BreathScanŽ.

BreathScanŽ comes in five models to cover a variety of testing requirements. The .02% tester can detect the smallest trace of alcohol and is useful for ensuring that operators of heavy machinery and other low-tolerance situations are not under the influence. The .04%, .05%, .08% and .10% testers detect alcohol levels over the legal limits prescribed by state legislation. (Consult your state regulations for the appropriate tester level.)
  THIS IS NOT A SELF TEST. YOU SHOULD NEVER TEST YOURSELF. ALCOHOL IMPAIRS JUDGEMENT. Have someone who has not been drinking help you conduct the test and read the results.

Wait 15 minutes after last alcoholic drink (alcohol takes about 15 minutes to have an effect on your system). Rinse your mouth with water before taking the test.
Squeeze the middle of the tester between thumb and forefinger to break inner glass vessel. SQUEEZE ONLY ONCE. DO NOT CRUSH OR BEND THE TUBE. Use the tester immediately.

Take a deep breath. BLOW VERY HARD for 12 seconds in one continuous breath through the end of the tester that has an arrow. DO NOT INHALE. Shake the tester to distribute the crystals evently. WAIT TWO MINUTES.

  Read the results. For best results, view under white light and compare to an unused tester.

Positive Result: Most of the crystals are aqua (bluish green/greenish blue) cast. This shows that the breath alcohol is at or above the level printed on the tester.

Negative Result: Most of the crystals remain light yellow. This shows that the breath alcohol is below the level printed on the tester.

The color change may be difficult to see under certain lighting. Read the results under lighting such as incandescent.

Accuracy of the test results may not be reliable if the test is not conducted according to these instructions.

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