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11578 Sorrento Valley Road
Suite 25/26
San Diego, CA 92121
858-481-5031 tel
801-720-7568 fax

Toll Free 1-888-882-7739

About Us

11578 Sorrento Valley Rd-Ste 25/26
San Diego, CA 92121
Telephone: 858-481-5031, Email: sales@drugtesting-kits.com

DrugTesting-kits.com is a business of CLIAwaived,Inc.

CLIAwaived was founded in April 2003 as a California Corporation with business offices located in San Diego, CA.  

DrugTesting-kits.com offers a suite of on-site drug testing and alcohol screening products and services. Using various immediate response testing products, we can identify negative and positive specimens in as little as three minutes.

In addition to marketing and distribution of rapid onsite drug and alcohol test kits; DrugTesting-kits.com offers a variety of laboratory drug testing services through its network of laboratory partners.

Our laboratories partners are certified for both DOT and NON DOT employee drugtesting. Lab services include:

  • Hair for substance abuse

  • Urine for substance abuse

  • Oral Fluid for substance abuse

  • Newborn's meconium for Fetal Alcohol and Drug Exposure.

At present, DrugTesting-kits.com is servicing thousands acounts throughoug the world. Our customers include:

-         Physician office labs

-         Ambulatory care centers

-         Long term care facilities

-         Hospitals

-         Treatment addiction centers

-         Occupational health facilities

-         Employers, as well as

-        US and International distribution agents.

For more information about our company or products, please send email to sales@drugtesting-kits.com.

For information about becoming a distribution agent or franchise* partner, please contact Tim Drapeau, President and CEO at

1-858-481-5031 or td@san.rr.com.

Note: *Franchise opportunities are now available outside the USA only.

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